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We do our absolute best to stay as far away from your mailboxes as possible. Our main goal is to clear the roads in a timely manner. Unfortunately, sometimes hitting your mailbox cannot be avoided and is a consequence of snow removal.  In most instances, the mailboxes are damaged by the heavy snow and ice as it is being removed from the roadway. It is a New York State Attorney General ruling that mailboxes are private property that are placed in the public right of way and are not subject to repair by the municipality.

The Town will repair or replace mailboxes and posts only if after an inspection has deemed the damage was caused by our plows. If your mailbox is damaged due to a rotten post or rusted box, repairs will not be made.

We often get asked if we can pick up our plows when we go by driveways, and the answer is, “No, we can’t”. Sometimes snow does get pushed into your driveway, but this cannot be helped. If you can’t remove the snow from your driveway, you can always hire someone to do it for you. If you can do it yourself, make sure you shovel the snow downward or to the right. Throwing or blowing snow into the road can create a patch of snow and ice that can cause a hazardous condition so please don’t do it! Snow removal is an arduous and time-consuming task, so your understanding and cooperation are an essential part of our plan .

A damaged mailbox or post will be replaced with a standard metal mailbox with a 4” pressure treated post. Due to frozen ground, it may be necessary to place a temporary box and post so that you can still get your mail until proper repairs can be made. Fancy or special mailboxes will not be replaced; therefore, for the winter season, you may want to replace your mailbox with a standard one. Thank you.

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