Building & Solar Permit Application


IMPORTANT:  When applying for a solar permit, a regular Building Permit Application AND NYS Unified Solar Permit Application must be submitted together.


All new homes that are not located in a municipal water/sewer district will require an approval letter from the Broome County Health Dept.

  1. If construction is located in a municipal water/sewer district, you will need a water/sewer permit and road permit, which are issued by the Highway Superintendent.  The Highway Supt. can be reached at (607) 669-4323. 
  2. The applicant (homeowner) must fill out all the blanks on the permit application. For example: tax map numbers, cost of construction, etc. The permit application must be signed by homeowner, not the contractor. (The contractor may be needed to assist with providing some of the building information.)
  3. If your project involves a variance, Town Code states that a building permit must be denied first, then you must apply for a variance application. A hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals will then be scheduled.
  4. Certificate of Liability insurance must be submitted with the building permit application.
  5. The applicant must also submit a site plan showing the location of the project. This site plan must show set backs that meet the Town of Binghamton zoning laws and locations of septic, well, and other utilities on the property.
  6. Accessory buildings are incidental and subordinate to the principal use and location on the same lot with such principal use. (Swimming pools are considered accessory use.) Pools must meet special Town zoning requirements and all New York State requirements.
  7. New homes over 1,500 square feet must have stamped New York State engineered drawings, energy audit, and site plans. New buildings under 1,500 square feet must still meet New York State Building Codes. The Building Inspector may still require New York Sate engineered drawings.
  8. Manufactured homes will have an insignia of approval issued by New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code.
  9. In some cases, flood zone permits are required if work is to be done in a flood zone.  Please ask to check the map for the zoning of your property.  If the property is shown to be in a flood zone, the project will require engineered stamped plans.
  10. Required inspections must be called in 24 hours in advance. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the progression of your construction in stages, for records and for yourself.
  11. The issuance and finalization of this building permit is contingent upon all required inspections being performed at the required intervals. Again, this is a reminder that you are to contact this office 24 hours in advance for inspections.

Contact Information

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday:
7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

NOTE: Call before stopping in to make sure the Building Inspector is in.

Building Permits are issued by appointment only during the above hours. Building inspections are done by appointment only.


Nick:  (607) 772-0357, ext. 012

Zac:  (607) 772-0357, ext. 014


(607) 772-6911


279 Park Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13903
United States
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