Small Claims & Summary Proceedings


Small Claims Court is a special part in courts where individuals can sue for money only, and do not need an attorney.

To file a small claim, the party you are filing against must live, work or have a place of business in the Town of Binghamton, and receive their mail in the Town of Binghamton. You must provide the court with the exact mailing address. (Post office boxes are not acceptable.) A small claim can also be initiated where the claimant is or was a tenant of real property owned by the defendant and the claim relates to such tenancy, and such property is located within the Town of Binghamton.

The maximum amount for a claim is $3,000. (If the amount exceeds $3,000 you may file in city court for cases up to $5,000.)

Filing Fees: $10.00 (less than $1,000 claim)
                     $15.00 ($1,000 to $3,000 claim)

If you are considering initiating a small claim action, please come to the town hall to pick up a free copy of “A Guide to Small Claims” or download a copy from the “Resources” section below.

As an alternative to filing a small claim, you can contact ACCORD (A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc.), a free mediator service in the Southern Tier of New York. See the link in the “Resources” section below for more information.



A summary proceeding is an expedited process that may lead to eviction.

The information in this section is only for cases where the tenant has not moved out and owes you rent.
(If the tenant has left the home for good by giving you back the keys or letting you know in writing, then you must start a civil or Small Claims case.)

Jurisdiction: The rental property must be located within the Town of Binghamton.

Filing Fee:  $20

The court does not provide the paperwork to start an eviction case. Detailed information is available for owners, landlords and tenants in the link below.




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NOTE:  The District Attorney / Public Defender are present at 1 p.m. on the following days: 
4th Wednesday of January, March, May, July, Sept., and November


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