3/15/2023 – Big CONGRATULATIONS shout out goes to the Bahnuk Family from Brigham Street for being our FIRST BEAR submission for this year!!  Not only did the family have one big momma bear (with a hurt left paw) visit, but a subsequent visit the next night when momma brought her 3 babies with her!  It seems a bit early in the season for our furry friends to be coming out of hibernation, but they are probably as confused about this crazy weather that we’ve been having just as much as the rest of us! Some of the ‘Bahnuk-Brigham 4’  photos will be posted on the wall at the Town Clerk’s office.  Let’s see if we can fill that wall up like we did last year! Thanks again for the photos Jakki!  You’re FIRST on the Bear Wall! See one of the  the Bahnuk Bears here!

For those wishing to share pictures of bears, please either drop the pictures off at the Town Hall or feel free to send your pictures via email to Paula at


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