November 2021 – We have a new phone system and new phone extensions at the Town Hall.  When you call our main number, (607) 772-0357, you’ll hear a new message, including new prompts.  Please listen carefully as our extension numbers have changed slightly; you just need to add a zero in front of the old extension number.  You will not hear all employees listed as we wanted to keep the message as brief as possible.  Keep in mind that you can press 9 at anytime to search for someone by their name if you don’t hear it listed in the main menu.  Here are the new extensions for the employees at the Town Hall:    Becky Smith, Information Desk – ext. 010  

Supervisor Elizabeth Rounds – ext. 011  

Nick Pappas, Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, &Community Center Coordinator – ext. 012  

Amy Ricci, Assessor’s Assistant – ext. 013  

Zack Soboleski, Asst. Code Enforcement Officer – ext. 014

Joe Cook, Assessor – ext. 015

Daniele Vick, Court Clerk – ext. 019

Sandra Reifler, Bookkeeper – ext. 021

Rick Murray, Dog Control Officer – ext. 022

Paula Edwards, Deputy Town Clerk – ext. 023

Vickie Conklin, Town Clerk – ext. 026

Christopher Streno, Youth Director – ext. 048

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