October 21, 2021

It’s that time of year again, when the berries on the bushes are becoming sparce, and the delicious smells from outdoor grilling are becoming far and few between. The town bears have had an active summer, wandering the hills, scouring trash bins, and watching their cubs climb trees and frisk about.  As the cold weather sets in, this is the final push for the T.O.B bears to gain as much weight as they can so they can settle in for their long winter slumber. The reports of bear sightings have slowed significantly since the early summer, but this week, I got a message and a video clip from Todd Scoville on Moore Ave, that his trash bin had been rifled through. Todd believes that his visitor was a repeat offender, that visited him earlier in the summer. Unfortunately, I could not get the video clip to play on my system this time, but as soon as I can, I will post it here. 
Thank you for your submission Todd! 

September 23, 2021

Bear Spotting Update!  I just received a voicemail from Jeff Dudick of Powers Road, who had the pleasure(?) of having a T.O.B bear lolling around in his backyard on September 18th.  Jeff said the bear looked to be between 250 – 300lbs, and was just doing what bears do – eating birdseed! Thanks Jeff! You’ll be logged on our map in the office!

September 8, 2021

Face it. Summer is over.  While the calender may not agree, the hills of the Town of Binghamton are singing a different tune.  There are definately signs of the arrival of Autumn, night temperatures are dropping, the trees are starting to put on their sassy colored jackets, and the town cubs are winding down their summer of frisking about, like most kids do..they’ve spent their summer with siblings, learning how to forage, and putting on an “awww” display for town residents who have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them following close behind momma.
The berry bushes, while still plentiful, and abundant  tender shoots of sweet grasses that have filled the bellies of the little ones, will soon be decimated by the first frost, and momma knows this.  It’s time for the bears to start gaining weight for their winter sleep, which means that trash bins and picnic spots, are not safe just yet, as the town bears voraciously hunt down delicious smells of food scraps that find their way to their eager noses.
Linda Fiaschi, of 757 Park Ave, was the most recent recipient of the local night bandits, waking up today to find her trash bin empty, and holding court in the middle of the trash strewn road.  Linda has been lucky enough to see the cubs earlier in the year, while they visited the property next door with the boss (momma), and while she didnt get to see any of them this time, they certainly left their callling card this time -one that I’m sure was not appreciated.
Thanks for letting us know about your visitors, Linda. The Fiaschi-Park bears will be tagged on the map in the Town Clerk’s office!!! Keep your camera handy, we love photos of the TOB bears!
Any photo or video submissions can be emailed to me at deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com
and will be added to our map, bear gallery and webpage.

~ Paula

August 12, 2021

I just received an email from Mark Blakeslee of 609 Park Ave, who had a very furry, comfortable looking visitor relaxing in his yard yesterday!  Thanks for your submission Mark. The Blakeslee-Park bear will be joining the rest of the T.O.B bears on the wall in the clerk’s office, on both the tracking map and the photo gallery!  Keep those photos coming!  Introducing the Blakeslee-Park bear!



August 10, 2021

After a week on a rainy vacation, it was fantastic to come back to the T.O.B, check my email and find some reports of bear sightings!  Thanks to Dustin Kittle who submitted a trail cam shot of a momma and her babies on Jackson Road.  The date of the photo was July 24th, but it’s still exciting to see!  Thanks Dustin for your submission! Introducing the Kittle – Jackson 4!

It seems as though the black bears in the T.O.B are producers of quite a few sets of triplets! Something in the water perhaps?

An email came in from J. Fred Dupont of 1900 Peckham Road, who reported a bear in his back yard on August 8th.  The bear had already tipped over his trash can before Mr. Dupont could give a holler to scare it away!!  Keep your camera handy Mr. Dupont, so if your visitor comes back,  you can snap a photo for us!  Thank you for your submisson!  Both the Kittle-Jackson, and the Dupont-Peckham bears will be added to the tracking map in the Town Clerk’s office!!!

July 26, 2021
Well, by looking at the date of my last post, it’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of July.  We’ve had a few reports of bears at the office from traffic at my window, but none substantiated with photos or dates.  And of course, just when I have a day off, a call comes in with specific information for logging a bear!

BIG THANKS to Jeffrey Dudick of Powers Road, who called on Friday  to report that he had spotted a cub on Wilcox Road, on the 16th, around 10 a.m, heading into the woods, presumably following it’s Momma. The Dudick – Wilcox bear will be tagged on the map in the Town Clerk’s office! Thanks again Jeff!
I received an email from Jeff McKinney of Gardner Road today, that included some great photos of a small male climbing a tree outside of his kitchen window on Thursday the 22nd. The McKinney -Gardner bear will be tagged on the map in the Town Clerk’s office, and the photos will be uploaded for everyone to view! Thanks Again Jeff!
Please keep those emails, calls and photos coming! We LOVE the T.O.B. bears!
P.S. Has anyone spotted the very large bear with the large white chest plate? We seem to have lost the trail! Call me with info if you see it @ 772-0357 ex. 23!  Now presenting the McKinney – Gardner Bear!


July 1, 2021
The holiday is this weekend, and I’m anticipating a ton of calls next week (or emails) from residents who will have signs of bear activitiy on their properties. Remember to dispose of all trash in ‘bear proof’ containers, or keep trash in a secure location after your picnics and family gatherings. Please instruct young children not to throw the remnants of hot dogs, burgers, and snacks on the ground! You might want to secure an ‘eating area’ for the kids so that they aren’t walking (or running) around with food -as even the smallest bit can attrack a bear.
Ben Reid, of 769 Park Ave stopped by today and told me that early one evening, about two weeks ago, a neighbor spotted a sow and two cubs on Ben’s property. And there was a report by a passing motorist, of a sighting on Hawleyton Road last week of a sow and THREE cubs!
Ben has agreed to keep his eyes open and will report back to me with any more activity at his place.
Another report just came in from Don Allen of 1242 Hance Road..seems as if Don had some visitors last night from a Momma and her 3 cubs who not only discovered, but destroyed his birdfeeder. Here is Don’s message – “She came back 2 times after knocking the feeder over to finished her feast. It was dusk to dark and I wasn’t able to record any pictures, but she was a big bear with 3 little ones.”
Thanks for your submission Don! Both you and Ben Reid are our newest entries on the bear map locator in the town clerk’s office!!! Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready just in case! 

Just a reminder, if you have captured any of the T.O.B black bears on your trail/webcam, and have a video that you’d like to see on this website, send them to me at Deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com  along with your name, address, time, date and location of the video. Same goes for photos. Please include instructions as to whether or not your name and current address can be used on the town website, and the bear wall in the Town Clerk’s Office. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July Holiday~!


June 17, 2021


Meet the new Binghamton Black Bears owner!      Andreas Johansson

Today I get the opportunity to introduce the local Town of Binghamton residents, to 36 year old Andreas Johansson, real estate developer, investor, family man, and owner of the newest Federal Prospects Hockey League team, the black and green clad, Binghamton Black Bears!

Andreas and family, transplants from the state of Florida, now reside in Pittsford New York, located in South East Monroe County, about 8 miles from the city of Rochester.  The reason for the move, the purchase of the Watertown Wolves, his first team in the FPHL.

Andreas states that he’s always loved the game, and realized that he wanted to get into ownership a few years before finally buying a team. “I’ve been very fortunate that I have a lot of famous athlete clients, and we had been talking about doing something for a while, and finally, after looking at a number of leagues and opportunities, I found what I thought was the best opportunity.  Being in Binghamton means a lot to me, there is so much hockey history and a legacy of pro teams here, and we are excited to carry that forward, and also offer fans something a little bit different. We know fans loved having the Devils in town, but we also heard a lot of feedback that ticket prices were too high and perhaps fans wanted to see ‘their’ players out more in the community, and that is something our organization and league is a little bit better to handle. All we are asking of fans and the business community is to give us a chance. If you come down to a game, bring your family and you will have a great time – AND it won’t hurt your wallet!”

When asking Andreas about his favorite memory of the sport, he replied “I don’t know really, I’d like to think the best ones are yet to come! Ask me again next summer and I hope I get to tell you about winning the Commissioner’s cup and showing it off to all the great fans!”
What a fantastic outlook for our ENTIRE community!

While it’s nice to see some good old- fashioned hockey back in town, it’s good to know that Binghamton is always on the minds of hockey enthusiasts, and we look forward to seeing our ‘new’ Bears on the ice, as well as our old ‘bears’ that roam the mountains up here in the town! Welcome to Binghamton, and Andreas, when you’re in the area, take a ride through the gorgeous hillsides in the Town of Binghamton, and feel free to stop in to the Town Clerk’s office at 297 Park Avenue to see our ‘own’ Town of Binghamton Bears! Have a wonderful winning season. See you in October!!!!


June 14, 2021

Loads of interesting stuff from the end of last week, and the weekend, starting with a visit from Tammy Liberati on Friday afternoon, who graciously passed on some of her bear videos to me. I had actually received the video at my  home email while I was on hiatus , but didn’t have access to my work account to upload the clip. With that being said, I’m going to do my best to post the video of the Liberati-Moore bear, doing what bears do best. Wandering around aimlessly (like my senile study hall teacher from high school).  P.S. the ‘bear’ you will see in the corner of the deck is not a real bear-but a statue. I actually had to question it when I saw it..can you tell I’ve been away too long? LOL
Let’s take a look at the Liberati – Morgan Bear!

This afternoon in my email, I got a message from Todd Scoville of Moore Ave, who had a visit last night around 10:00p.m. from a very sizeable black bear.  Todd stated that his german shepard, Tessie, almost got hurt  by the big guy (or was it a girl?) ! Tessie is holding tight at around 100lbs and this grand specimen of a Town of Binghamton Ursus Americanus was 2-3 times Tessie’s size!!!!  Todd sent a video along with his email, and while I get the audio of Tessie going wild, I’m still working on figuring out why the video will not open. Once it does, I’ll be happy to upload the Scoville-Moore Bear!
UPDATE! Now that I have the video uploaded, I’ve noticed that at the end, a strange figure with a spotlight appears in the right side – Could it be an alien?  Bigfoot? My senile study hall teacher?  I think not!!! I believe it’s Town Resident, Todd Scoville, braving the night air to get a glimpse of the bear that was causing poor Tessie to go wild. TODD, there are bears in ‘dem woods! Keep Tessie inside! Keep YOU inside!!!!

Introducing the SCOVILLE – MOORE BEAR! 

As you may have heard on the news, or read in the paper or on the web, Binghamton has recently found themselves with whole new slew of Black Bears!   And while most of the bears that you see in the area are quadropeds, our new Black Bears are upright, on two legs, with skates attached!!! Yes, you’re hearing that correctly. Our new local Hockey team (Federal Prospects Hockey League) has chosen the moniker, The Binghamton Black Bears! Now while some of you might not be hockey fans, and don’t really care about this information, the reason I’m adding it here in ‘Just the Bear Facts’, is well, because when you think about it, there are no black bears wandering around the CITY of Binghamton, so CLEARLY,  Someone must have found out that we are the hosts of many of the lovely creatures here in the T.O.B. (I’m sure that’s not the reason but it’s nice to dream, right?).  I have been in touch with Andreas Johansson, the owner of the Black Bears team, and he is graciously allowing me some up close and personal information regarding our new team members, So starting within the next few weeks, I’ll be adding snippets about the Binghamton Black Bears, coming directly from the owner of the team himself, along with our regular bear facts information.  Thanks Andreas! And feel free to take a ride through the hills of the Town of Binghamton. Maybe you’ll get to see one of the ‘Original’ Black Bears!
And a big thank you to Todd Scoville and Tammy Liberati for their submissions!  They are now added to the map in the Town Clerk’s office. They’re great!!!!

Signing off for now.



June 10, 2021

I received a call today here at the office from our City of Binghamton Neighbor, Vickie Wiener, who lives in the Kenilworth Road – Blackstone Ave area, letting me know that they had a visit yesterday from two baby bears! (Does Momma know these youngsters are roaming around unattended?!) She said her husband clapped his hands and the little ones took off. HOWEVER, this morning, it was very apparent that another visitor found their way into their yard as their bird feeder was destroyed!!! As we all know, the Urus Americanus for some reason LOVE birdseed! (and berries, and food scraps of any kind actually) so if you want to be attracting anything but birds to your yard, I suggest you somehow bring your bird feeders to a safe indoor space at night. (If that isn’t a hilarious idea I don’t know what is!). Thanks Vickie for your phone call, stay safe and bear free if you can help it!
And remember everyone, now that warm weather is here. our T.O.B bears are looking for tasty treats in the form of bbq grill scraps, and delicious trash bins. Hopefully our berry patches will be full of reds/blues and blacks soon enough and it will persuade those ambling creatures to find their snacks elsewhere!
Keep those calls, photos, emails and videos coming!!!



June 8, 2021

After a seven week hiatus in which I didn’t do a whole lot of anything but sit with my foot up, I’m back to business here at the T.O.B.
I apologize if I’ve missed any calls or emails regarding bear spotting, but continuing on…
On May 29th, Jeff Cull spotted what he believes is damage from a juvenile bear on his property on the corner of Cynthia and Laurie Brooke Drive.  Jeff stated that a bird feeder was tossed, and the pole bent, and that a large stone slab weighing approximately 50 lbs. that he had leaning against a tree in his yard, was knocked down.  A few days earlier, Jeff spotted a baby bear running along his fence line.  Unfortunately, he was unable to get photos.  Thanks for your submission, Jeff.  If you can, try to snap a picture next time.

Cynthia Drive Residents, keep your eyes open and your cameras ready just in case you get visitor from one of the T.O.B’s furry friends.  I encourage you to send all reports, photos and videos, to me, at email Deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com
We need to fill our Bear Wall up again!!!!


April 20, 2021 (3:30 p.m.)

We just received a call from Patrick Carr who has reported that on his fishing expeditions at Jackson Pond, he has spotted a bright orange Coy Fish, approximately 2 and 1/2 feet long!  Pat said he’s seen the fish at least five times! I wonder if the bears in the TOB know this! Thanks Pat!


April 20, 2021


Today, on my arrival to work at the Town Hall, my phone was glowing like a Christmas tree with messages from local residents regarding visits from some local Ursus Americanus (Black Bears).  Right around 8:30 p.m. last night (it seems, those pesky beasts wait till the cover of darkness to get into mischief), Ann had the opportunity to spot a ‘gang” of bears, four to be precise, in her yard hunting down delicious garbage plate specials from her cans. They disappeared up the driveway before any photos could be snapped.  After speaking to Ann on the phone, I told her to keep her camera handy ‘just in case’ her visitors come back. So for now, the Paludi-Powderhouse 4 will be tagged on the map in the Clerk’s office awaiting mugshots for the wall. Thanks for the info Ann!!!!

Our second Powderhouse Road visit yesterday was down the road from the Paludi’s,  at the home of Diane Campell.  Around 9:00 p.m. last night, Diane and her husband heard a ruckus outside.  Further investigation had shown that “a creature” had tried unsuccessfully to get into their trash bin.  Diane said that it had to have been a bear which tried to dig around their ‘bear proof” platform to get  some tasty delights.  Last year, Diane had a bear visitor while her grandson was there, who just sauntered along the flimsy fence in their yard.  So with all signs pointing to a visit from a local bear, Diane and family will be listed on our map as the Campbell – Powderhouse bear.  As soon as they can update us with a photo if they can get one, it will be added to the webpage along with the Paludi -Powderhouse 4.  For now, “Wanted Posters” will be hanging on the wall waiting to be filled!

P.S. Just a reminder, the Town of Binghamton Bears will be very active now that warmer weather (for the most part) is here.  Unfortunately, foraging for berries isn’t doing them much good since none are too be had yet.  Please remember to thoroughly clean grills after use, seal up trash as best you can (bears can smell up to a mile away), and watch out for those birdfeeders. These boys and girls are hungry and will stop at almost nothing to get a meal!
Keep those reports coming in!  Happy Bear Spotting 2021!


April 7, 2021


We have received a photo from Mary Briscoe of Peckham Road of three bears that visited her property.  The photo isn’t very clear but there are definitely three growlers there! One is standing against the feeder, one is at the bottom of the feeder on the left, and the last is down in the left corner! Thanks for your submission, Mary!

Introducing The Briscoe-Peckham 3!

March 31, 2021

Spring is officially here and the bears of the Town of Binghamton are waking up and on the hunt for new adventures!

This morning, I received an email and spoke with a resident of Morgan Road who had some nosey visitors on their back deck around 10 p.m. last night! The momma bear and her three babies must have smelled the delicious BBQ that had taken place there earlier in the evening and were hoping to find a morsel or two that was left behind! The resident mentioned that the Momma Bear had a white chest plate, which makes me wonder if this is the same white chested beauty that we lost track of last year! In honor of our first bear photos of the year, I am going to name these cuties, the MORGAN TRIPLETS.

Mary Briscoe from Peckham Road stopped into the office today and let me know that she had two small cubs in her yard last night-I’m waiting on a photo from Mary and as soon as I get it, the photo of the Briscoe-Peckham bears will be on the Town Clerk’s wall along with the Morgan Triplets!
Looking forward to more sightings, photos, videos and phone calls! LET’S SEE THOSE BEARS!

March 15, 2021

Spring is almost here, and the TOB has had the first bear sighting of the year!  Kim Siler from Upper Park Ave. has notified the Town Clerk’s office that the Siler home has already had ‘visitors’ twice!  Kim let us know that on the 12th and 13th of the month, a momma bear and some cubs found their garbage and bird feeders as a source of interest! Even though the family has spotlights and sirens, the bears were relentless in trying to find some treats! Hopefully, Kim can score some photos to send us!  Thanks for letting us know, Kim!  We’ll be tagging you on our 2021 Bear Sighting Map in the Town Clerk’s office!!!  

February 2, 2021 – Ground Hog Day.

The remnants of 2020, a most horrific year, silently haunts the Town Clerk’s office…The bear sighting map with its pink and blue colored  flags, still hangs on the wall behind my desk, slightly neglected since last fall, and our “lone buck” and his captor stare out at us from their spots on the cold white wall.
Outside, the blanket of snow is like a painted canvas- waiting for a painter. There is no sun. Just snow. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, a rodent by the name of Phil, supposedly saw his shadow this morning, which, by all accounts, should have been impossible considering the ghastly weather there. SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!  What a grand idea!!! Six more weeks of winter. Six more weeks of cold, and snow.  Such a horrendous thought, but at the same time, it makes me slightly giddy, knowing that Spring is just around the corner, and with the arrival of  Spring, the Town of Binghamton will have it’s annual arrival of new bear cubs tumbling and frisking around under the watchful eye of Momma.
I wonder if we will recognize any of the bears from last year- on my mind, is one big, bulky fellow (?) with a white chest plate that roamed the hills here in the town. Will the Triplets still be together, or have they gone their separate ways?
This year,  the wall will once again be covered with the photos of the Town Bears. I, for one, am looking forward to that first email that says “WE HAD A BEAR”!
Happy Ground Hog Day everyone. Just remember, Spring is right around the corner!

December 3, 2020

 2020 Thanksgiving is over- the onslaught of turkey sandwiches, turkey hash, turkey and stuffing, and kettles of turkey soup are starting to fade into the abyss.. The very idea of another turkey dinner sends a curtain of darkness over Taco Tuesdays, and while we are all so very thankful for the bounty we shared last week with family and friends (no more than 10 please), did you know that the very first Thanksgiving did not serve turkey as the main course?
It has been recorded in the journals of history that the pilgrims were gifted 5 deer to share for the very first  first Thanksgiving dinner! That, my friends, is one heck of a lot of meat!!!!
In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Wild turkey was widely hunted, and a big fat Tom was known to feed many, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that immigrants, arriving in this country, were introduced to a very ‘American’ meal of roast turkey, cornbread and various stuffings, sure to induce new found patriotism in each and every one.  This simple, yet delicious meal soon became synonomous with the Thanksgiving holiday as the ‘go to’ meal.
I’m wondering if any of our local hunters, celebrated Thanksgiving with a tender backstrap, or grilled deer heart this year. If you did, you too, could be a pilgrim! 

November 25, 2020

The bullets are flying!!! Congratulations to our very own Town of Binghamton Employee, Zack Soboleski for submitting this picture of the amazing buck that he shot on his dad’s property in the T.O.B!  Zach is the first person to have their photo on the Town Clerk Hunter’s Wall, and also uploaded to this webpage!!! What a gorgeous animal! Great job Zach!!!

Please send all your photos to the Town Clerk’s office, c/o deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com so that we can fill our wall with your 2020 deer season boast!


November 20, 2020

Just a quick note, to thank all you T.O.B bear spotters who submitted videos and photos to the Town Clerk’s office during the 2020 season. While Covid kept the T.O.B residents cautiously at home this spring and summer , the bears of the T.O.B seemed to have free reign over our local yards, trash bins, bird feeders and berry bushes.
Starting tomorrow, our woods will be filled with tree stands, garments in blazed hues, and very patient hunters, waiting to take the perfect shot.
The ‘bear wall’ in the Clerk’s office is officially being taken down today to make way for the photos of you with your prize shots of this new hunting season. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to being able to display each and every photo that is sent to me at deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com ! Even though I’m not your mother, I can assure you that in the distance you’ll hear me saying “dress for the weather, keep your feet warm, and for God’s sake, don’t get lost! We wait all year for this great time of year, and even though I don’t hunt myself, I know all you registered hunters will be having a great time! STAY SAFE ALL!!!! and again, GOOD LUCK!!!!

November 19, 2020

There is a website called  New York Antler Outdoors
that is dedicated to the years of prize winning, record breaking, NYS white tail  bucks, that is an interesting read. Some of these monsters go back as far 1939 – at least recorded for the N.Y.A.O lists that is… Not only does this website contain photos of these big fella’s, but it also has a plethura of information regarding tanning hides, tree stands and so on.  I was amazed to find out that there are even recipes on there as well!
Our local T.O.B,  life long hunters know that there is nothing as delicious (except maybe a slow roasted backstrap or two), as a soft Felix Roma roll filled with tender venison spiedies, so with that being said, and without giving away ‘secret’ family recipes that have been passed down over the years – send us your take on this local delicacy. If there is a special story to go along with your submission – it will find it’s way here along with the recipe for all to enjoy!  Get that cast iron ready! It’s cooking time!
Good Luck Hunters! 

November 2, 2020

Calling all hunters!

With our local bears already in, or heading to their hibernation dens, and deer hunting season in our midst, Just The Bear Facts will now start accepting photos of your trophy Odocoileus virginianus! What in the world is that you might say-well frankly, it’s a WHITE TAIL DEER!!!
It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out that the name of the O.V. was changed to ‘Deer’ because of a disgruntled 
spouse. I can imagine that conversation now..
Hunter: “I am heading out to find the elusive Odocoileus virginianus! I may be gone for hours and hours in the woods, alone with my thoughts and a fully loaded shotgun. Wish me luck!”
Spouse: “Hmph. Yes DEAAARRR”.
Hunter: “You know, that sounds much better-I’m think I’m going to start referring to the beast as the ‘deer”. I’ll be back when I get back! Don’t wait up! (Hunter exits to the sound of a slamming door and a screeching spouse.)

Please note, there is no official “prize” for your submission except braggin’ rights- Let’s see who can find the biggest deer in the T.O.B area! send in those photos!
Without giving away your best hunting spot, include your name, date, point spread on bucks
, and weight (also anterless deer), and you’ll be sure to see your photo and info on the wall at the T.O.B and in this column!
Dress warm, wear your blaze and Happy Hunting!!! Good Luck!!!!


October 28, 2020

HEY! Did someone wake up the T.O.B bears? Since yesterday, we’ve had two call in’s and an email that’s flush with photos and a video of our furry friends!
A resident on Pierce Creek road passed the info along to us, that she saw a bear in her back yard heading towards the creek behind her house. She called the neighbors to warn them not to let their dog out “just in case”…
About 9:30 p.m. last night, Patrick Smith of Park Avenue, headed outside with some trash when he found evidence, that a bear (however, maybe it was just a passing Yetti) had been in his trash bin. With flashlight in hand, Pat was surveying the area right around him and located a “big dark form” standing up next to a tree nearby. He said that the bear looked to be a juvenile, about 4 feet tall.  With one blast on an airhorn that Pat had ran in his  house to get, the bear got the message on who is the boss at the Smith residence!
Sadly, no photos or video from the Pierce Creek, and Park Ave sighting but Todd Scoville of Moore Ave was lucky enough to catch his nightly visitors on video and in photos. Yes, I said ‘visitors” – plural. Todd has captured what looks to be a momma bear and her 3 cubs making their onscreen debut at his house! Could these T.O.B furballs be the notorious Hawleyton-Shaw Triplets, or possibly the Ingraham-Tokos 4 that graced the town with their presence this summer? Maybe,some of those pesky P.A bears decided they wanted to take up residence here in the Town of Binghamton. After all, it is a great place to live!
Todd, you can tell your friends you now have the honor of having not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bears  as counterparts. (Evidence of bear trouble)

Introducing the Scoville-Moore 4! Enjoy!



October 20, 2020

Last night, after the lights went out and the doors to the Town Hall were locked, a call came through from Debbie Cook on Pierce Creek Road- reporting that  one of the pesky T.O.B bears got into her bird feeders! Must we remind these bears that they need to start settling in for winter?  If you’re driving in the Pierce Creek Road area, and see Debbie’s visitor sauntering around, could you please stop and tell it to go home? 

October 19, 2020

It’s been almost a month now since the Town Clerk’s office has had any new reports of bear damage, or bear sightings, which points out, that this is the time of year (end of October, through the beginning of November) that the T.O.B bears will start going into hibernation mode. The females and their cubs will enter the dens first followed by the adult males. And for a more ‘spicy’ topic, here are some facts of the mating habits of the Ursus Americanus, compliments of Bearsmartdurango.org
Delayed Implantation: After mating in June, the fertilized egg develops into a tiny ball of cells or blastocyst, at which time development stops and the blastocyst remains unattached in the uterus. If all goes well, the blastocyst implants in the uterine wall in late November and roughly two months later cubs are born. If the female fails to attain sufficient fat reserves or weight, the blastocyst will not implant and pregnancy is terminated.
Well now that we’ve had a small sex education class on  black bears, it suffices to say that hopefully in the spring, we’ll see many new cubs roaming the hills of the T.O.B!  But for now, let’s send them off with a proper “Waltons” goodnight..
Goodnight Jackson Standish, Goodnight Saddlemire Sabin, Goodnight Hawleyton Shaw Triplets, Goodnight Brinkman Smith,  Park Soboleski, Progy Conklin and Morgan Liberati..Goodnight Saddlemire Pettengil, and Ingraham Tokos..we’ll see you in the Spring!
And a big thanks to all you wonderful residents who contributed the photos and videos. See you next Spring!

September 23, 2020

The T.O.B. bears have been sneaking around these days, avoiding trail and property security cameras, only allowing a quick glimpse by car drivers and passengers as they sneak their burly selves back into the thickets. However, last night-one of the local bird feeder felons visited Jeannette Gates, mom of our very own Town Clerk, Vickie Conklin.  When Mrs. Gates woke up this morning, she discovered her bird feeder and pole missing from her yard, and later located them down behind her house near the banks of a creek. Shame on those bears!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

This week, we had a few reports of bears ‘getting into things’ in the Town of Binghamton, yet, no more photos or videos have floated in for our ‘Bear Wall”.
As it gets closer to very cold weather, our town black bears will soon be heading into hibernation-if you’re a hunter and out in the woods waiting for that prize buck, chances are you might stumble upon a den in cave like form on the side of a hill, or dug out under an old clump of fallen trees. Bears aren’t picky and will do what they have to do to be comfortable when old man winter starts rearing his ugly head. According to the website, bear.org , black bears are efficient hibernators, and lower their body tempuratures to nearly freezing, but raise their temperatures every few days to allow them to eat stored food, and eliminate body wastes. People have called black bear hibernation- torpor, winter sleep, dormancy, and carnivorean lethargy.
There is a very old myth that a female black bear will wake up one fine spring day to realize she has given birth to one, two or even three cubs. And it is exactly that – a myth. Bears will wake up, give birth and tend to their cubs, and continue to do so till the snow starts it’s Spring meltdown.
With that being said, the Town of Binghamton bears are still quite active, foraging for delectable treats and trying to bulk up for the winter. If you see scat piles while on your way through our hills , you will get the answer to that age old question..of  “Do bears $#!% in the woods” 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Hard to believe it’s been almost a month since there have been any bear reports/sightings in the Town of Binghamton..either our furry friends are just being elusive or they’ve found berry nirvana somewhere in the hills of the town and are on a fattening frenzy for fall.  With cool weather ahead shortly, the bears’ summer slimdown program seems to be coming to a halt -and they are out there,  starting to beef up for their long winter naps. They are still plentiful and active though-so while it’s still warm enough to grill, just a reminder to keep all food scraps and trash inaccessible to Smokey and his friends!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

No bear photos, videos or reported sightings coming in to the Town Hall since last week, so to fill some space, I’m going to share a little story with you about why bears aren’t scary at all…
As some of you may know, I’m an accomplished seamstress, and have a brother who was trained in taxidermy. One year, many many moons ago, when my two daughters were small, my brother asked if I could help him out with some sewing as he had an order for a bear skin rug. Naturally, being the most amazing sister ever (debatable!), I agreed to do the work for the cost of threads, materials and extra needles for my heavy duty machine. He dropped the skin off one night after my girls had gone to bed. Not only was it the skin, but the head, the teeth, and the paws with dagger length claws..
Because I had some down time, I decided to lay out “the bear” on my very large dining room table, which is where I always did my best measuring and cutting work, in order to see what lay ahead for me.  Now this bear was a beautiful creature-shiny coat, pearly white teeth, and paws the size of my younger daughters head-it was huge! It was almost a shame that it had been killed…fast forward till morning..

I had turned in, not thinking, that a grinning bear laying on the dining room table might actually scare a 5 year old, UNTIL I heard a blood curdling shriek coming from the dining room at 7.am.  There in the doorway, stood both of my girls, ages 3 and 5, clinging to each other-terrified at the prospect of a big black bear sleeping in the house!  (Where was Goldilocks when you needed her?!)  The girls were frozen in fear and the only way to get them to move was to put a brown paper Giant bag over the bears head!  After that, I let them approach the table, and feel the fur, and show them that the bear wouldn’t hurt them, and once I did that, they went about their business playing with their Barbies and in general, getting under my skin. I spent the morning, unrolling heavy duty felts, pinning, and securing the skin with a heavy hand stitch, checking placement and prepping the ‘rug’ for final stitching. Every time my girls would walk past the table, they would ‘pet’ the skin and giggle…definitely not scared of big ol’ smokey bear at all anymore.

As the day progressed, I got back into the whole wife and mother mode, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning, but kept my ears open, making sure I wasn’t hearing crying, or SILENCE (because anyone who has ever had a child knows, if it’s quiet, they are up to something!) ..and all seemed like our very much everyday routine.  At dinner that evening, (in the kitchen), the girls sat talking about their ‘friend’, Antoinette.  I had absolutely no idea who Antoinette was, and when I asked the girls about her, they both started laughing.  My oldest piped up and said “Mommy, Antoinette is OUR BEAR and she looks sooo pretty now!”. THAT my dear Town of Binghamton residents, was my clue…I immediately jumped up from the table, ran to the dining room and there, in the middle of the table, lay “Antoinette”..decked out in my favorite, long, colorful bead necklace, and sunglasses, with my daughter’s pink hooded sweatshirt tied around it’s head like a turban…and there on the table, sat a bottle of red nail polish, just waiting to be applied to “Antoinette’s” nails.  Thank God the tuna and noodle casserole was ready when it was, or that rug would have been looking more like Carmen Miranda than a wild black bear. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

With the first week of August coming to an end and Autumn on the horizon, our local furry friends will soon be preparing for their winter slumber.  In order to survive the colder months in hibernation, a bear must consume at least 5000 calories a day during the summer, snacking on berries, insects, and even carrion, which enables them to gain close to 100 pounds in just a short time.  By the time Fall is in full swing and acorns are plentiful, our bears will stuff themselves full with as many as they can find, along with the last of any lingering fruits and berries hidden in the tall shrubs and under ripening apple and pear trees. By then, our black bears will be consuming about 20,000 calories a day. This helps them retain their fat storage supplies needed for a comfy winter denning.  (Sssssh. The deer can’t know about this or there WILL BE war!)
Now I’m not sure if you know this or not, but everyone seems to think that it’s the cold weather and snow that cause the bears to head to their dens. It’s not. It’s the lack of food supplies!!!
And that is your awesome bear fact of the week!

A big thank you to Larry Hardy of Felters Road, who reported seeing bears (and 2 cubs) in the wooded property next to his home. Larry has also had one of our big  pals sneaking treats from his bird feeders! Hopefully, Larry and his neighbor can get some good photos and trail cam videos for us to post!!! Thanks  Larry!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2020

Hi Everyone! It’s been a little while since the Town of Binghamton bears have shown themselves on camera, but thanks to Town employee, Zach Soboleski, we have a new photo for you. This big fellow (or gal?)  (the bear not Zach) showed up at his father’s house on Park Ave on Sunday, July 26th, trying to find a delicious snack in the trash bin, and was caught on camera in a slightly guilty pose.  Thanks for the photo Soboleski family! It will find a place of honor on the Town Clerk bear wall!  I’m proud to introduce the Park-Soboleski bear!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hi Everyone, just so you know, the DEC has a MODERATE  fire danger rating area risk for our area till the 24th of July. What this means is Fires can start from most accidental causes but, with the exception of lightning fires in some areas, the number of starts is generally low. Fires in open cured grasslands will burn briskly and spread rapidly on windy days. Timber fires spread slowly to moderately fast. The average fire is of moderate intensity, although heavy concentrations of fuel, especially draped fuel, may burn hot. Short-distance spotting may occur, but is not persistent. Fires are not likely to become serious and control is relatively easy.  Let’s keep our T.O.B bears and residents safe by immediately reporting any smoke or fires you might find.  For more information, check the DEC website at https://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/68329.html
Stay safe out there everyone! 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Thanks to former T.O.B Councilman Norm Cline for his “bear call” today!  Norm was lucky enough to spot a bear meandering through the Jennings property on Hawleyton Road, between Hance Road and Maxian Road this morning around 10 a.m.  Unfortunately for us, Norm didn’t have his phone with him to snap a picture, but maybe he’ll get another chance soon! Thanks, Norm! Keep your eyes open and camera ready so we can post a photo of the Hawleyton-Cline Jennings bear!

And I just received an email from Jess Clement on Reynolds Circle.  Jess spotted a momma and two cubs in her flower bed, and Jess is pretty sure she saw that the momma had a white chest plate before they ‘scurried off into the night’.  Thanks for your email Jess!  Hopefully, you can get a photo of the Reynolds-Clement bears soon! 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

A big Thank you going out to Lynda Shaw of Hawleyton Road who sent me another photo of the “triplets”! This time, momma is with them but oblivious to their tree climbing antics. Photo taken sometime in June. Hawleyton Triplets with mom.

Just a note..has anyone had sight of the Brinkman Sutkowski bear lately? He (she) is the biggy with the large white chest plate. I’d be interested to know how far a TOB bear will wander in search of food or . . . love!  Keep the photos and videos coming. Phone calls welcome with sightings as well! Call The Town Clerk’s office at 772-0357, ext. 23 and leave a message with your bear sighting info!!!  Have a “beary” nice rest of the week!!! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

On Friday, I received an email from Meggan Olds, who sent a slew of TOB bear photos.  Meggan’s dad, Ray Mastin, and her son were traveling on Morgan Road (between Stevens Road and Roberts Road) when they came upon a  local wandering  Euarctos Americanus (Black Bear).  Quick thinking on the part of Ray and his grandson have enabled us to have yet more photos for our gallery and the website!  Thank you, Meggan, for submitting the photos! And thanks to Ray and his grandson for their keen eyes!  Introducing the
Morgan – Mastin Olds bear:

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ed and Esther Pettengill of Saddlemire Road have given the Town Clerk’s office some great photos of their back porch visitor who has been to see them three times this week!  Ed said he thinks the bear may only be about two years old because it isn’t that big.  All I know is, if the suet that it keeps eating at the Pettengill house is what’s making it’s nails grow that long, I’m about to change my diet! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. P! The pictures are GREAT! Introducing the Saddlemire – Pettengill bear!

Wednesday, July 8,2020

Bear Fact of the week! Black bears dislike the smell of pine based cleaners! So if you want to clean outdoor furniture, tables, play areas or trash cans, choose a cleaner with a pine scent and not a lemony or fruity one, and one that’s preferably eco-friendly. There are many eco-friendly/organic pine scented products available online, but check with our local Agway, or Tractor Supply to see if they have any available! Also, weird bear fact..human urine is a deterrent for nosy bears! You can use that information any way you like!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Now that we’re back in the office from our short 4th of July holiday, it’s time to entertain you with a new Town of Binghamton bear photo!  Thank you to Lynda Shaw of Hawleyton Road for her submission of the Hawleyton-Shaw Triplets!  These little guys (or girls) are just the cutest creatures.  I wonder where Momma is?  The photo was taken in mid-June, so our little friends are most likely a bit bigger now! Thanks, Lynda!!! This is a great picture!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

HEADS UP to Stevens Road and Carman Road residents!   You have bears!  Today, two residents stopped by the office doing business, and both reported having recent bear activity on their property!  Beth Grill from Carman Road reported that they had a big fat bear last week at about 6:30 p.m., wandering down their driveway headed into the woods, and Thomas Cady from Stevens Road reported that both he and his nephew have had a lot of bear activity at their places!  Hopefully we can get some photos or videos so that “their” bears can be labeled and added to our ‘bear wall’ in the Town Clerk’s office!  It should only be a matter of time before the Town Hall gets its own bear sighting!  We see a lot of deer, including fawns, on the Town Hall lawn, but no bears yet.

We won’t be in the office until Monday, July 6th, but if you have any sightings to report from the weekend, please send them to deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com with the location, approximate time, and the date!  T.O.B bear spotters are the BEST!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Just a reminder to Town of  Binghamton residents that the Fourth of July weekend is upon us and that means BBQ’s!  Be vigilant when disposing of leftover food scraps and make sure those grills are cleaned well and stored securely after use.  The T.O.B bears don’t care where they find food, and with their sense of smell being 2000x’s that of humans, they can sniff out the grease from a steak from a mile away!  If you want to hang trash between trees to deter rummaging bears, make sure to use a dark cord as bears have come to associate light colored cords with food sources.  Be sure to hang trash at least 15 feet high, and 10 feet away from tree trunks.  Never leave food outside and unattended or you might find yourself coming face to face with Yogi and friends!  As always, the Town Clerk’s office welcomes all videos and photos of our local bears!  Have a happy, safe and bear free Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The interesting bear fact of the day:  Bears have two layers of fur.  The short layer keeps them warm and the long layer keeps water away from the bear’s skin and short fur!  A bear’s normal heartbeat is 40 beats per minute.  A hibernating bear’s heart rate drops to 8 bpm, but I’m sure that once the Town of Binghamton bears see those bird feeders full of seeds and smell trash bins full of delicious scraps, their hearts race faster than a starving man at a buffet table!  Keep your photos and videos coming in!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

One of the very chubby bears was out for a leisurely stroll yesterday. I wonder if his (her?) 3 pals are hiding in the woods close by! Thank you Donna Standish for your great photos!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

If you see a black bear standing on hind legs, it’s because it is trying to get a better view or scent of what is right in front of them. They can also walk a few feet on their hind legs, and this is why Native Americans used to call them the “beasts that walk like man”.  Because of their ability to balance on their hind legs, some circus bears were called ‘dancing bears’ because of the shuffle they use when they walk.
If you’ve never heard of Pedals the bear, you might find this interesting.  In 2004 Pedals, an American black bear that walked upright on it’s hind legs gained notoriaty for strolling through the backyards in Rockaway Township New Jersey, and became quite a celebrity. Pedals was killed by a hunter in October of 2016 which caused quite an uproar with the locals.  Janine Motta, who was director of the Bear Education and Research group proposed legislation that would ban bear hunting in the state of New Jersey for 5 years. This law was called ‘Pedals Law”.

“The northwest quadrant of New Jersey has more black bears per square mile than any other location in North America, as well as one of the nation’s highest bear reproduction rates, due largely to abundant food sources and excellent habitat,’’ according to Bob Considine who was a spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Protection at the time. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

The American black bear is only found in North America, with a population of roughly 750,000. They can be found as far south as Florida and Northern Mexico and as far north as far as forests grow in Alaska and Canada! And that includes the hills of the Town of Binghamton!

Wild adult males of breeding age can weigh in from 125 to 500 pounds, while wild adult females usually weigh in from 90 to 300 pounds. Cubs  weigh 1/2 to 1 pound at birth and by their first fall,  may weigh as little as 15 pounds or more than 150 pounds, depending on their food sources! We’ve seen some photos and videos of the chubby bears in our area so they are definitely eating well in the Town of Binghamton!

Bears have a keen sense of smell and can smell interesting food sources behind closed doors and inside of cars. While not huge meat eaters, they will partake of a good piece of leftover steak or hamburger in a trash can if no other food sources are available! (We also know that bears love the Town of Binghamton bird food buffets that they are coming across!)


Wednesday, June 18, 2020

A call came in this morning from Kandy Beauter on Woodworth Road.  Kandy tells us that both the Beuter family and neighbors two doors down have seen a lot of bear activity during the past few days.  As you may know, bears have a penchant for snacking on bird food, and they seemed to have found a buffet at the Beuter residence!  Keep your eyes open if you live in the  Woodworth Road area.  You might get a chance to see one of the T.O.B bears in action! Snap a pic or grab a video if possible, and send it to me here at deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com or just a phone call with the location, date, and time of the sighting, and it will be logged and tagged on our map!

Yesterday, the office received photos of some of the bears, taken by Laura Kostyshak, Dustin Pavelski, and Jenn Nabywanic.  Laura’s bear sightings were on both Progy and Kostyshak Road; Dustin’s “road bear” was seen on Milks Road; and Jenn’s bear photos came in from Brinkman Road.  Also, Laura had the chance to see a momma bear with her three cubs on Progy Road, but unfortunately didn’t have a chance to take a photo.  All bear sightings have now been mapped on the tracking map in the Town Clerk’s office! Thank You for your submissions!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A fat visitor to the Smith’s on Brinkman Road was caught on video!

A bear was seen rummaging through the trash on Montrose Ave at 4a.m. 6/17/2020 but the photo is a bit distant and hard to view. Thank you Jessica Baker for your submission!!!

Fri., June 12, 2020

Mark & Ann Smith who live on Brinkman Road (near Progy Road) had two visitors on their property on Monday evening, June 8 around 5 p.m.  These two very healthy black bears came out of the Pennsylvania woods (just across from their home) then spent some time circling the property before heading back into PA.
Brinkman – Smith #1
Brinkman – Smith #2
Brinkman – Smith #3
Brinkman – Smith – #4

Tues., May 26, 2020
Tracy Tokos, a resident on Ingraham Hill Road, was able to video this Mama bear and her three baby cubs this morning as they played near a swingset in her yard.  These bears are being labeled as the Ingraham-Tokos 4 bears.  Click here to watch the video. 

She also captured these pictures:
Ingraham-Tokos 4 #1
Ingraham-Tokos 4  #2
Ingraham-Tokos 4 #3 


Weds., May 20, 2020 – Midnight
Stacie Sabin, a resident on Saddlemire Road, sent in this video of a large black bear caught on camera near her front door.  We’re glad she didn’t let the dog outside just then!  This bear is being named Saddlemire-Sabin 1.  Click here to watch the video.


Weds., May 20, 2020
Now that the Town Hall has reopened, Paula is back to counting bears.  If anyone captures photos and/or videos of bears, please let Paula know by sending an e-mail to her at deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com.  Please note the date, time, and location of the bear sighting so that she can map it.   Thanks, everyone!


Weds., May 6, 2020 – 10 p.m.
This Mama bear and three cubs were captured on a porch cam as they walked near Tammy Liberati’s house on Morgan Road.  Click here to watch the video.


Weds., April 22, 2020 – Here’s a cute video we recently received (set to music) showing the same four “Jackson-Standish” bears that we keep reporting.  Enjoy!  Click here to watch video


Tues., April 7, 2020 – A resident on Progy Road reported that four bears were discovered at her birdfeeder at 5 a.m. on Sunday, April 5.  Her cats alerted her that something was going on outside, so she opened the shade to look out and was shocked to see this bear looking back at her.  She reports that there were four bears in total; one very large “mama” bear with three cubs.  The pics are cubs.  We’re all wondering if this is the same foursome that we’ve often been reporting in the Jackson Road area (see below).

Click here to see Progy Road bear at birdfeeder

Click here to see another pic of the Progy Road bear at birdfeeder


Wed., March 18, 2020 – Paula received a trail cam video today from a resident who lives on Jackson Road.  The video was taken on 3/12/2020.  It’s pretty neat!  Click here to watch four bears on the trail cam.

We’re thinking that the fourth bear is the same bear that was identified last week on Brinkman Road (bear has white on it’s chest).  The other three bears are now labeled as Jackson-Standish-1, 2, 3.

Click here to see Jackson-Standish 1
Click here to see Jackson-Standish 2
Click here to see Jackson-Standish 3



Previously reported — We have had many bear sightings to date in the Town of Binghamton!  The Deputy Town Clerk, Paula Edwards, would like to encourage residents to share photos of any bears that have been “captured” on their trail cams or outdoor cams.  Any bear photos that come in will be logged by date, road, and the name of sender.  Photos will be displayed in the Town Clerk’s office.

One bear is already identified as Brinkman-Sutkowski-1.   This bear is identified by a white chest plate.  It’s pretty exciting to see the number of bears in our little neck of the woods!

Previously reported . . . Even though it’s not officially spring yet, we’ve started getting reports of bear sightings in the Town of Binghamton.  This week, we’ve already had two reports of bear activity.  Specifically, a resident from Progy Road reported birdfeeders being demolished, while a resident on Jackson Road stopped at the Town Hall today to report three adult bears that have been demolishing birdfeeders and foraging very close to homes on Jackson Road.  This resident wanted others to know that she believes this is the same mother bear and two cubs that have been around the area for the last two seasons.  The young cubs are now maturing and are almost as big as their mama, but no matter what age, a mama bear will protect her cubs.

We thought it might be a good time to provide a few reminders from the NYSDEC:

First, NEVER approach, surround, or corner a bear.  Bears will defend themselves when they feel threatened.  NEVER run from a bear.  Stay calm, speak in a loud and calm voice, slowly back away, and leave the area.  If you’re at a good distance from the bear, you can yell, clap, or bang pots, and that should be enough to scare it away.

While there is not a lot we can do to completely get rid of bears in our neighborhoods, we can take one simple step that may deter them from coming back . . . remove their food source.  Bears are always on the prowl for a tasty snack, and their favorite snacks include food scraps in your garbage, bird seed in your feeders, dog/cat food left in an outside dish, and even tasty morsels from your last steak on the grill.  Please be mindful that bears are in our area, and do you best to remove anything that would attract them to your property.

Finally, if you’d like more information, you can visit the following DEC website for additional information:  https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/94710.html
If you are dealing with a consistent bear problem, you should call the DEC directly to speak with a wildlife officer.  The NYSDEC general wildlife phone number (in Cortland, NY) is (
607) 753-3095, ext. 247.    

And finally . . .  Deputy Town Clerk, Paula Edwards, is keeping track of bear sightings within the Town of Binghamton.  If you’d like to report a bear, please call Paula at 772-0357, ext. 23.  She even encourages you to send a picture or two.  Her e-mail is:  deputyclerk@townofbinghamton.com



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