As of Friday, August 21, 2020, 62% of Broome County households had voluntarily self-responded to the census.  Census takers are now out visiting homes in person to count the rest of Broome residents. Here is a video to share about why a census taker might knock at your door in the next few weeks.  Field work for the census will wrap up by September 30, 2020, which means there are only a few weeks left to count everyone. 

The Census Bureau would like to encourage residents to complete a census questionnaire by going to my2020census.gov 

Here are some reasons why the Census is important:

  • The Census results are used to determine how many representatives each state has in Congress and are used to inform the redrawing of congressional district boundaries.
  • It’s your civic duty!  It is in the Constitution that everyone must be counted.
  • Census data is used to distribute $675 billion in federal funds annually to states, counties, and local communities.

The Census is used:

  • To determine funding for public services in our community.
  • To determine where to build new infrastructure and community facilities.
  • To determine where to open new companies, businesses, and stores.
  • To write grant applications for community projects.
  • To plan for emergency services.

Federal law protects your Census responses.  Your answers can only be used to produce statistics and cannot be shared or be used to identify you or your household.  Answering the Census is the law, and it’s very important to our community.  Please complete it accurately.   Thank you! 



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