A big shout out to two residents who reported (and sent videos of bear sightings this past week. Unfortunately, my screen shot tool isn’t working properly to be able to upload photos snapped from their videos. But thank you to Tyler VanOrden-who had a bear sniffing around the corn stalks on his porch, and thank you to Bonnie Washington who had a very LARGE bear sauntering around the vehicle at her house (and seemed to be as large as her vehicle as well!) Your submissions are welcome!!! Happy Bear Hunting!

Autumn has crept in at an alarming rate this year. The cubs of last year have turned into rambunctious toddlers, still keeping in close proximity to their momma while trying to explore a bit on their own. Trash bins have been dumped, bird feeders knocked down and twisted (and some carried off), and traces of bear activity have been noted all over the TOB. While the photo wall in the Clerk’s office hasn’t been filled to the brim like it had been last season, we do have a few beautiful shots of the local Ursus Americanus caught on video cameras and sent in.  Sometimes I ask myself why the bears don’t make themselves visible to us at the Town Hall. Could it be the daylight or lack of sumptuous nibbles surrounding the building and parking lot?  We’ve had our share of deer sightings, and at one time, a fox chasing a deer(!), crows galore, the squawk of the rooster from across the road, and even one beautiful long blue and yellow feather from an unidentified bird, but alas – no bear.  There is still time before the sun starts setting at 4 p.m., and the cold winds surround the Town Hall, for one, maybe two of the glorious ebony creatures to stop by and give me a wave from the top of the hill by the apple tree or under the pines before they turn in for their long winters nap. One can only hope.

Those wishing to share pictures or reports of bear sightings, please let me know.  Drop the pictures off at the Town Hall or call my extension at the office ( 607 772-0357 Ext: 023) to leave a report with location and date, or feel free to send your pictures via email to me at

Previously reported — These are supposed to be the ‘dog days’ of Summer. I can say for sure that they aren’t quite the ‘bear days’ of Summer. By this time last year, the bear wall in the Clerk’s office was almost entirely filled with photos of the local resident bears. Not so much this summer.  Last month, I reported that the mysterious white chest plate bear had been spotted in the area, which was good news as I thought he/she had wandered over the border to PA.
While I was on a wonderful vacation at the shore, an email came in from Gary Mars on Woodworth Road who included 4 photos of a fairly large bear visiting his back yard. Thanks Gary! Your photos have made it to the wall and the map, and will now be added here to the webpage!  See the Mars-Woodworth Bear here!

Two more bear sightings on Woodworth and Morgan!
I just had a town resident stop by to let me know that on her walk this morning with her trusty beagle, she saw a BIG bear stroll out of the woods on Morgan Road. Last Saturday she saw the cutest little cub in the same you know, when a baby is nearby, so is momma.  Just a reminder-don’t approach cubs no matter how small or adorable they are. And if you do see a momma that starts getting close to you-make yourself as large and loud as possible and NEVER turn your back on the Mother.  If the mother feels that her cub(s) are in danger – she could be aggravated enough to attack. There are recipes for bear repellant online if you don’t want to purchase any from a store.  Not everyone has the chance to see one of the local bears, so enjoy your sighting, but stay safe!!!



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